Teaching English In Taiwan, Getting A Health Check

I recently got a new job offer, and that means I have to get a new health check for my work permit. Unfortunately, I forgot that I was supposed to bring other stuff to get the health check, which meant I had to leave, go home, and then go back. Hey, it was a year ago that I last did the check, cut me some slack. I figured it’d be good to inform anyone who’s going to need a work permit soon. So here we go.


Let’s assume that you decided to move to Taiwan to find a job. You search around for a while and then eventually you find a job that you like. Among several documents, you need to get a work permit which requires you to get a health check. Well, what is it and where do you get one?


If you are an American, you are probably used to going to your family doctor to get check-ups and forms filled out. Nice and convenient right? Well, in Taiwan, you can’t just go to a family doc here (most people don’t even go to family docs when they are sick. They just go straight to a specialist.) There are certain hospitals you have to go to to get the health check. Not just any hospital does them. So check online to find which ones can do it for you. I’ve found this website to be helpful. http://www.tealit.com/article_categories.php?section=health&article=taiwan-health-check


Now the plus to all this though is that you don’t need to go to a separate radiologist to get the chest x-ray (like I’d have to in America). In Taiwan, everything at least is right in the hospital.


What do you bring to the health check?

Other than yourself, you need:

-your passport (ARC if you do already have work in Taiwan but are switching jobs)

-money (amount depends on the hospital)

-documentation from your doc that you have received the necessary vaccinations for Measles and Rubella, (usually shows up as MMR on forms unless each vaccination was done separately, but don’t quote me on this).

-Pictures (about 2 passport pics, but always bring extras just in case)


If you don’t know where to get pictures, some MRTs have photo booths, some hospitals have them in addition to some shopping areas.


So what happens next?

  1. Go to the hospital
  2. Find the heath check section. If you can’t find it, go to the information counter that is usually right near the front of the hospital, ask them about 工作證健康檢查. You can show that on your phone if needed. They usually get the idea and will show you where to go (some hospitals are really big).
  3. Grab your ticket and wait for your number to be called. When you get called, they’ll want all the stuff you were supposed to bring. One place made me sit down at a table and cut out the pictures myself and glue it to them to the form I was given. The place I went to recently had me stay by the counter and do that.


The rest of it resembles a bit of a relay race. The different portions of the health check are done in different stations. One hospital had a map of all these stations, all conveniently ordered not in numerical order; nor is it like a nice line or circle you walk in. Please first go to station 9, then go to 8 over there, then come back here to 14, and then 11 is somewhere in the other direction. Yeah. If it were anywhere else in the country, all the walking back and forth would cause a Taiwanese to ask you if you were lost. But I digress.


  1. Weight and Height check
  2. Check pulse
  3. Draw blood for HIV test and some other test I didn’t understand (I didn’t study medical Chinese, give me a break)
  4. Chest x-ray (note, one hospital had this station with everything else, another hospital made me go to the x-ray department on a different floor to get this).
  5. Eye test
  6. Physical (which for me was just the doc looking at the x-ray saying it’s good)
  7. All done!


As you see, it’s not that complicated. Depending on the hospital, you can pick up the results in a week or so. One step closer to legal employment! Yeah!


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